LIFESTYLE | Moving out or moving on?


The papers are signed, it’s time to cram up your life into the empty boxes that are scattered on the floor.

You are most likely researching the art of packing and dreading the task at hand before you kiss your home goodbye. From yard sales to just-throw-it-away’s and slapping on the last lick of paint, you are either moving out or moving on.

But what does packing up your life do other than stressing us out?

It’s a lifechanging event

Moving is a major life event and can feel very overwhelming for the person experiencing it.

Regardless whether you’re a first-time mover or used to updating your address on the regular, leaving the place you once called home can leave you with a fear of change.

As a matter of fact, not too long ago I had to say goodbye to my very first apartment – and it broke my heart.

Packing up tells a story

Going home was so comforting after a long day.

It was the setting where I celebrated my 21st birthday. The popular spot where I met new friends over drinks and reminisced with old friends around the fire. The place where I tested out new recipes in the kitchen while dancing on a Bruce Springsteen country tune. The place where I hung up my wedding dress. The last place I shared a meal with my dad before his passing.

It’s amazing how many memories four walls can carry if you allow it.

As I ripped out the nails from the walls where happy photographs used to sit and clearing out cupboards where my belongings had it’s designated spot, I felt the nostalgia overflowing.

Moving brings back memories

Suddenly my home felt empty and full of ghosts. Shadows of memories instantly took me back to good times.

It reminded me of the hardships and the excitement of moving to my own place. The responsibility that came with my new little nook.

 I was reminded of how much I had grown and how proud I was when I could finally afford a new couch. Or the time I obsessed over Tupperware and new dishrags. The place where we’d gather on the living room floor with pizza at midnight.

Boxing up memories humbles you

The truth is, if you are changing your address, it either means you are moving on and up or moving out.

Not all moving trucks are heading to a happy ending. Unfortunately, moving could mean a financial crisis, a break-up, a death in the family or growing from current circumstances.

These types of scenarios are usually the hardest and hit the closest to home.

Not everyone wants to leave their current situation, but are forced through change due to the circumstances and choices that life throws our way.

It could leave you wanting, questioning and doubting your decision to leave. The idea of letting go could feel daunting and could shatter even the bravest of hearts.

Taping up closes one chapter to start the next

All in all, taping up those boxes is one of the biggest steps in starting a new chapter of your life.

It provides the opportunity to learn from mistakes, grows you from humble beginnings and captures new memories.

As I closed the door and turned the key one last time, I realised that I had finally stepped out of my comfort zone. I realised that happiness is not bound to a place, but rather the people you spend your time with.

The rearview mirror might have captured the last glance of a place I once called home, but the road ahead looks promising.

“I think that the power is the principle. The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done.”

– Robert Downey Jr.


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